When I came for my job interview

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Don’t be too hard on yourself. None of us is perfect. None of us is a mistake. If one looks at popular teen movies and the teen idols, people who like books, excel in studies and are often the brightest students, are ridiculed and laughed upon. There is a very famous show on the television, The Big Bang Theory, where there are these 4 outstanding scientists, and all the four struggle with their social lives. The tagline of the show is “nerdy is the new sexy”.

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In my situation, the host could have rejected me at the outset, without arousing any suspicion. Or she could have cancelled on her end, citing no rationale. Both rejections and cancellations have happened to me, in this context and others, and I’ve nonchalantly proceeded with my life.

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And there is also Qubec who became a secular nation after the 1960s, it rejected religion canada goose jacket outlet sale and has troubles coping with religious immigrants, especially if they are not christians. For instance the newly elected government of Quebec wants to ban police officers, judges, prison guards and teachers to wear religious symbols. While refusing to remove the catholic crucifix from our national assembly, claiming it a cultural legacy not a religious symbol.