Stand Up Paddle Boards at the Hawaii Island Finals

Stand up paddle surfing, also known as SUP, is headed to where it all started – the beautiful island of Hawaii! A sport fast on the rise to becoming one of the more popular water activities, SUP is like surfing but standing up. It originated in Hawaii but its following has already spanned the globe. Proof of this is in the contestants joining the upcoming Hawaii Island Finals.

The contest will showcase the talents of many of Hawaii’s local talents, as well as serious athletes from other countries, more notably Brazil. Part of the reason why SUP has earned such a following is because of its flexibility – you don’t need to be near the ocean to practice it. This goes well with many of today’s health enthusiasts, who believe that keeping fit means exercising and de-stressing.

When we pick a sport that we are truly passionate about and would like to practice with much fervor, we usually need to factor in our location and age. For example, if we live in a place with no easy access to the ocean, then no matter how fond we are of surfing, we cannot engage ourselves in it whenever we want to. Surfers have slowly converted to this new sport because of the advantages that it can offer, such as greater flexibility with the location and a better scope of workout. The basic gears needed are stand up paddle boards and paddles. Stand up paddle board manufacturers have come out with equipment that can be used in freshwater, not just saltwater.

Being a very versatile sport, people of different ages have tried it and have come to love it. In the upcoming Hawaii Island Finals, you will see promising young athletes with their stand up paddle boards in tow. The variety of SUP’s followers can be manifested in the various types and designs of stand up paddle boards from different stand up paddle board manufacturers you can spot on the beach during the competition. Stand up paddle board manufacturers will certainly make their presence felt on the island. Check out the Hawaii Island Finals and see SUP’s best athletes in action!