Stand Up Paddle Board: The Things That Go With

If you’re an outdoors sort of person, and you enjoy watersports like fishing and diving, then there’s a good chance you’d find stand up paddle boarding interesting as well. These days, many kinds of sports equipment are made with a “cross-sport” functionality in mind – say, for example, using your standup paddle board as a fishing buoy of sorts. PaddleBoardParts, for example, is an online retailer thathas a number of paddle boards for sale, as well as other equipment that can be tagged on to it.

Say, for example, you’re into scubadiving, and you happen to have a partner, but only one board. A scuba tank holder and a handle become immensely useful – and the handle can even be used to carry the board from your car down to the water’s edge. There’s a whole range of equipment that goes with paddle boards for sale, including:

  • Fishing rod holders
  • GPS attachments
  • Scuba tank holders
  • Dry boxes to keep your phone/ wallet in

Most of this equipment attaches using a vacuum mounted suction cup, which is easy to attach and remove, and wont damage the finish of your stand up paddle board either. is another online hangout for people looking for stand up paddle boards, or paddle boards for sale. They have many paddle boards for sale, from the biggest names in the industry, including Joe Bark, Mike Eaton and Dennis Pang.

Seacure recently launched another brilliant product to go with a stand up paddle board as well – a super hard, lightweight bum bag that has a lot of carry space, but doesn’t take up too much space on the board. What’s brilliant about it is that it’s also a part floatation device, so if you’re scuba fishing, for example, you can fasten the fish you’ve caught to it before diving again for another catch. Also, it’s big enough to hold your phone, your wallet, and perhaps a couple of light snacks as well.