Stand Up Paddle Board – The New Fitness Mantra

The popularity of the stand up paddle board is increasing each day. And this is evident from the various types of fitness programs that people are creating with regards to a stand up paddle board. In addition to that paddle boards for sale are also available all over the place and you are unlikely to miss this product on the Internet or in the market too.

However, one of the latest trends that have been spotted in the Australian seas is stand up paddle board yoga. Combing the two arts – paddle board surfing and yoga, seems to be catching on among those people who are fitness oriented and are looking for something new.

Charlotte Piho’s floating zen is considered to be the start of this trend. Ms. Piho combined yoga and stand up paddle board because she was extremely fond of the two kinds of exercises. It is claimed that practicing yoga and the art of zen after having purchased paddle boards for sale is a great idea because it works on the core muscles to give you abdominal muscles that you could not have thought possible.

Not only has Charlotte practiced this manner of using a stand up paddle board, she has also started teaching it to anyone who is inspired by her flat abdomen as well.

The idea came to her because Cook Island, the place where she practices stand up paddle board fitness options is extremely warm and doing yoga in a room is not something that is a luring option. As she tried to continue with her fitness regime, this new idea struck Charlotte and the combination of yoga and stand up paddle board surfing began.

If you buy some paddle boards for sale and start practicing this fitness trick with Charlotte, you may actually cut your workout time in half.