Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews: Man Over Board!

One thing most stand up paddle board reviews agree on is that C4 Waterman makes really, really wicked boards. They’ve been at the edge of the newest developments in almost all surf-related sports, and are widely credited with making modern stand up paddle board manufactures what they are today.

One of their most recent inventions, the Rigid AirCore inflatable line of paddle boards, also features a removable fin system, which allows the user to vary the drag the board experiences as it moves through the water. They’ve also recently launched SUBNINE, a skunkworks-based unit for stand up paddle board manufactures, to produce and market high performance, state of the art equipment. Stand up paddle board reviews have been consistently impressed by the performance of C4 Waterman boards – possibly because C4 have a really simple, compelling idea at the heart of their philosophy. To make good boards, stand up paddle board manufactures should be where the action is – and they’re based in Honolulu.

Another idea influencing stand up paddle board manufactures is to include a bevel in the nose of the board. A slightly curved nose with a bevel in it is good for two things – punching through a sheet of water, and for being forgiving while taking off the lip of a wave. Noses without the bevel have a tendency to get “hung up” while punching through, throwing off the center of balance, and launching you off the board. A flatter nose also usually translates into a more “dead” performance; the board won’t be lively, or much fun, unless you’re a pro.

Stand up paddle board reviews usually carry only a part of the story – boards, after all, are more than just tools. To really get to know a board, to get a feel for when it’s going to kick, and whether you need to keep that rear foot planted during a turn; that takes a ride, pure and simple – even the best stand up paddle board reviews pale into insignificance.

Happy surfing!