Stand Up Paddle Board Manufacturers Promote SUP’ing

Talk among stand up paddle surfing (SUP’ing) enthusiasts with a knack for exhibition poses have recently centered on three words: “What’s your move?”. Launched by one of the more popular stand up paddle board manufacturers Boardworks, this is a contest that encourages surfers to get creative and push the limits. Everyone is invited to grab their boards, or check out paddle boards for sale, and make a video featuring the best move one can think of. You don’t have to be in the ocean for this – the video can feature you on the board while in the swimming pool, in a huge Jacuzzi, or even while on the lake beside a “paddle boards for sale” sign!

SUP’ing is fast becoming popular among people of different ages. This recent effort by one of the stand up paddle board manufacturers aims to propel the sport to a new level. SUP’ing has gained a following because it lets one experience the waters at a different intensity. Surfing in a standing position gives us the full view of the ocean – something traditional surfing cannot. It also works out our core muscles, giving us the workout that we want and need.

Internalize everything that you love about SUP’ing when thinking about what pose you want to make. The move must be both difficult and creative,as judging will rely heavily on these two qualities. You can check out the cool moves entered by SUP’ing enthusiasts all over by logging on to the manufacturer’s website. The contest features cool prizes, such as one of the stand up paddle board manufacturers paddle boards for sale, paddles, and accessories. Three winners will be chosen, ranked from third place to first place, and corresponding prizes will be given. Videos must be submitted via the internet. Deadline will be on January.