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Hawaiian Island Stand Up Paddle Boards World Finals

Surfing is a sport which fascinates most of the water sports lovers by providing the thrill of surfing along the high waves is unexplainable. Stand up paddle board surfing traces its roots to Hawaii, where it became a huge hit … // Read More

World Paddle Association Approves North California Surf

Exclusive stand up paddlers will perform a beach start styled the Le Mans way, daring the open Atlantic Ocean, the race will start on Saturday November 19th battling through the Masonboro Inlet straits navigating through the channels behind the Island … // Read More

Laird Hamilton set to Join Puma Ocean Racing Team

Laird Hamilton is set join Puma Ocean Racing Team powered by BERG honorary and will be the 12th crew member at the even in Alicante, Spain, which is scheduled on November 4th to 5th ,on Friday and Saturday, for the … // Read More

Appleby & Baxter Clinch Rainbow Sandals Battle of the Paddle Elite Competition

Connor Baxter, 17 of Maui won his career’s first major stand up paddle competition on Sept 24 in California’s Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle. In the most thrilling stand up paddle boards’ completion, Baxter went up against … // Read More

Stand up Paddle Boarding – an Activity That Attracts People From Far and Wide

In ancient times, a person would travel across water using a stand up paddle board. Originally, the stand up paddle board was shaped like a canoe. In its current form, the stand up paddle board has taken its design from … // Read More