If you have a plan and are confident of it

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Lastly, you want to simulate your worst fears as a way to inoculate you from your fears. For example, spend a week sleeping in your parents’ basement to experience your fear first hand. More than likely you’ll come to realize that your worst case scenarios aren’t nearly as bad as you thought they were!.

Sexual predators target teens in Internet chat rooms. Parents should obviously urge their kids not to give out personal information or agree to meet someone they “met” on the Internet. However, since teens know their online activities are a privilege and can be monitored, they’ve got a constant reminder.

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“‘Can you hear me now?’ Testing, Testing, one two three.” That is exactly what you do not want to happen during your digital job interviews, or during any other meeting or conference you hold over the Web. One of the main problems is the lack of high quality audio equipment. Basically, you are what you sound like.

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