\”I began to sweat, my blood pressure dropped to basically

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uk canada goose outlet If musical outrageousness seems oddly isolated in 2015, the feminist world of daring jokes and naughty bits keeps expanding in ways that stress interconnectedness. It makes sense that comedy connects young artists canada goose outlet price more effectively now than do other forms of aesthetic risk taking; it’s a practice that requires grit and pluck, qualities favored by the self starters of the Vine and Tumblr age. Tillman may not find a like mind in Lana Del Rey, but he could have some good conversations with Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson of Broad City, deflating sexist preconceptions regularly on Comedy Central; Mallory Ortberg at The Toast and Issa Rae at Awkward Black Girl, deadpanning pretentiousness one eyeroll at a time; or his response with the Seattle bands Chastity Belt and Childbirth, working their own version of louche sexuality as a way of both claiming rock’s power and disarming it. uk canada goose outlet

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