Costs of Stand Up Paddle Boards

When buying stand up paddle boards, there’s more to consider than just looking for a “stand up paddle boards for sale” sign. There’s your height, your weight, your age, the kind of surfing you’re looking at doing, you’re experience level, whether you’re okay with a generic board… a whole host of things, in fact.

Stand up paddle boards go for anything between $700 and $2000. Besides the obvious price difference of a branded board (Amundson, PSH, Oxbow, Starboard, Laird, C4 for example), there’s also the question of materials used in construction – fiberglass and EPS, for example, are typically more expensive than just EPS. There are other options as well – inflatable boards, for example. The 10-6 iSUP, launched by C4 Waterman, for example, combines the stability and performance of the C-MAC 10-6 ATB hard board but is an inflatable board, using AirCore technology. An all-terrain board in the truest sense of the word, it’sabout 10’6″ x 30″ x 4″.

If you’re looking at paddles as well, keep in mind that they should be about six inches taller than you are, so that you don’t have to crouch too much while paddling. If you’re looking for something more robust, or professional, you might want to take a look at a carbon fiber oar, such as the 23 ounce C4 stand up one piece Carbon 8.5’.

The fins on stand up paddle boards can make all the difference between something that’s quick and nimble, and something that steers like a 4X4 with the parking brake up. Many stand up paddle boards for sale come with one, two or three fins – the C4 Parmenter/Keaulana 10-0 Classic, for example, has three – one central 7 inch and two side bites.

If you’re looking for stand up paddle boards for sale, be sure to check out the combo deals on equipment. Sometimes, manufacturers or retailers will include a lot of extra kit – say a pair of sunglasses, or a car attachment like the Stykor Tadpole, to make transporting your board to and from the beach easier. Also, since the US Coast Guard classifies stand up paddle boards as “vessels”, it’s now mandatory to wear a personal floatation device while paddling –keep this in mind while you look through the stand up paddle boards for sale.