A Stand UpPaddle Board has Become a Necessity in Every Home

Amazingly, the next craze that the United States is latching up to is paddle board. Paddle boards for sale can be found in all the markets and with the Christmas season around the corner, there are a lot of people that are considering buying themselves a paddle board for sale.

A stand up paddle board can vary from 8 feet in length to about 15 feet. The width of stand up paddle boards that you will find in the market also varies between 27 inches to 34 inches. With the market teeming with stand up paddle boards, it is almost impossible for the novice to decide the kind of stand up paddle board to purchase. Here is a quick guide that can help you in choosing the right kind of stand up paddle board for your need.

- Stand up paddle boards for recreation – Generally stand up paddle boards for recreation and fitness need to be at least 10 feet long. This allows for better gliding and longer straight line cruising. Longer stand up paddle boards are faster and can cover a lot of distance with relatively minimal effort.

- Stand up paddle boards for fitness – The shorter the stand up paddle board, the easier they are to twist and turn. Therefore these are best suited for those who want some decent exercise while riding the waves. The shorter boards also tend to be slower and therefore need a lot of effort on your part unless you have caught the wave from the steepest part. This is why they help in maintaining better fitness too.

There are also some paddle boards that are meant to be used in the river for white water rafting. These are made of tougher material and are also relatively shorter in length. The shorter length allows for better maneuverability so that these can be twisted around hurdles that may come your way.